Ingliz tili fani o’qituvchisi Fayziyeva Nigora Xamidjanovnaning 7-sinflar uchun choraklar kesimida tuzgan testlari.

7-sinf ingliz tili 1-chorak.

1. Toshqo’rg’on means…….
a.a castle of stone c. footprints apple tree d. old tree
2. Where can we see ‘’a tree school’’ ?
a. Oltinsoy c. Kosonsoy
b. Kuksaroy d. Toshqo’torg’on
3. Where’s the art gallery?
a. it’s next to the theatre c. How do I get to?
b. as far as d. It’s new
4. How do I get to the post office?
a.turn the right c. as far as careful d. try again
5. ….. is a very old city in the east of England about 80 kms from London.
a. Cambridge c. Boating
b. Martin’s internet café d. Oxford
6.Cambridge means ……
a. Kem ko’prigi c. Internet kafe
b.Kembridj daryosi d. qayiqda sayohat
7.Language Centre means…….
a.Til markazi c. pochta
b.Til bayrami d. internet cafe
8.When is the National Apple Festival?.
a. in October July
c. in March January
9. What competition we can see in Apple Festival?
a. longest peel c. running
10.I’ve a pain in my ….. I….sweep the yard.
a.back/can’t c. back/run
b.backache/can’t d.backache/can
11. I’ve got a….. I can’t play in the yard.
a.headache c.tablet
b.head d.medicine
12.What’s …..with you? Are you ill?
a.the matter c.hurt
b.the pain d. treatment
13. Find the illness.
a. a runny nose,a cough, toothache c. bachache, head,wrist
b. a head,a nose, tooth d. thumb,finger, shoulder
14. Find the odd word
A high temperature, stomachache,hair, flu b.stomachache c.high temperature d. flu
15.L ast winter my family got……
a.flu b. thumb c. strong d. happy
16.Find the verbs in the past tense.
a. wrote,slept,had c. speak,cleaned,read
b. run, do,break d. drew, washed,play
17. … ….day keeps the doctor away. c. a/an d. a/the
18.Complete the sentences.
There ……many trees in our village.
a.are b. is c.was d. have
19.Oltinsoy is …..
a. a small village b. a big tree c. a town d. a plant
20. Toshqo’rg’on is a……
a. a castle of stone b. a brick castle c. a yurt d. a small stone
21…… Apple trees ?
a.are there b. is there c. has d. have
22. Pharmacy is….
a. a drug shop b. a castle c. a village d. a library
23.Have you brushed your teeth?
a. Yes, I have b. No,I’m not c. Yes, I am d. No,I hasn’t
24.Find the Present Perfect Tense.
a. He’s gone to the library c.They had dinner yesterday
b. She is a superstar d.We like our teacher
25.Do you like to take part in sport competitions?
a. Yes, we do b. No,I didn’t c. Yes,he does d.No,they haven’t
7-sinf inliz tili 2-chorak.
1.Where was the origin Olympic Gamaes ? Greece b. in Japan c. in Spain d. in America
2.When began the Modern Olympic Games ?
a. in 1896 b. in 1986 c. 1886 1982
3. When and where took place the first modern Olympic Games?
a. in 1897 in Athens c. in 1986 in Japan
b. in 1896 in Greece d. in 1897 in Spain
4.What’s the motto of the Olympics?
a. faster,higher, stronger c. be always happy
b. weaker, slower, faster d. try again, again
5. What colour is the flag and how many circles are on the Olympic Game’s flag?
a.white with five circles c. blue with 3 circles with 6 circles d. black with 5 circles
6.What does five circles represent?
a. five continents b. oceans c. rivers d. countries
7. Where were young chempions born?
a. in a small village near Bekobod c. in a small village Zangiota
b. in a city d. in Tashkent
8.What medals took young chempions the World Youth Karate Chempionship in .
a. two gold, one silver, one bronze c. gold, two silver,two bronze
b. one gold,one silver, two bronze d.two gold,two silver
9.Who was born on the 15th of November in 1973 in Andijan?
a. Muhammadqodir Abdullayev c. Mars Kuchkarov
b.Iroda Tulaganova d. Hasanboy Dusmatov
10. Which animals are the symbols of Sydney Games? Name them?
a.Olly, Syd,Millie b. Olly,Molly,Millie c. Molly,Polly, Millie d. Polly,Olly,Molly
11.Find the words which given for National costumes.
a. embroidered duppi,atlas,shawl c. trousers,trainers,suit
b. shawl,dress,jeans d. shoes,cap,trainers
12. Find uncountable nouns
a. sugar,milk,furniture c. socks,cap,sausage
b. oil,furniture,sweater,woman,apple
13.I….count to 100 in English.
a.can b.must c. need d.will
14.Do you have English today?
a. No, I haven’t b.Yes,we are c. No,they aren’t d. Yes,she has
15.Do you like hot tea?
a. Yes,I do b. Yes,I have c. No, he hasn’t d. Yes, she does
16.What uniform wear school boys in the UK?
a. white shirt and dark blue trousers c. red shirt and blue trousers
b. white shirt and red trousers d. blue shirt and dark blue trousers
17. Have you taken a tablet?
a. Yes,I have b. No,I don’t c. Yes,we are d. No,we don’t
18.Translate into English.
Tomoq og’riq,bel og’riq,boshog’riq
a.sore throat,bachache,headache c. sore throat,earache,headache
b.backache,toothache,temperature d. cough,backache,headache
19.Find the illness.
a.runny nose b.treatment c. laugh
20. Women in England don’t have any national costumes,… ….?
a. Do they b. Does she c. Have they d. Has she
21. What colour were Strauss’s first jeans? colour b. blue c. dark blue d. black
22. Translate into Uzbek.
Pharmacy,post office,opposite
a.dorixona, pochta,qarshisida c. dorixona,kasalxona,oldida
b.pochta,dorixona,yonida d. dorixona,kasalxona,qarshisida
23.Peter can play football well. He is a good football….
a. player b.singer c. worker d. teacher
24.When did Levi Strauss come to California?
a. 1850 b. 1860 c. 1849 d.1950
25.I …..never… Italy.?
a.have/been b. have/done c. has/been d. has/has

7-sinf inliz tili 3- chorak

1.What…your hobby my…is collecting coins? a) is / hobby b) are / was c) hobby / was d) in / hobby. 2.I am butchers. I shall buy… ? a) meat b) rice c) eggs d) oil. 3. You can meet Mickey Mouse in … ? a) Florida b) America c) California d) China. 4.Navoi…after the Uzbek poet and thinker Alisher Navoi.? a) was named b) is named c) named d) have named. 5.How many stripes in our flag? a) blue, white, green. b) red, blue, yellow. c) green, blue, yellow. d) orange, green, red. 6 … is harvested in autumn.? a) cotton b) Sumalak c) khan atlas d) fruit. 7. We wear… when we go to school.? a) uniform b) jeans c) cap d) costume. 8 . My father often … Uzbek national costume? a) wears b) wear c) wore d) weared. 9. Uzbek girls like to wear? a) skirt b) jacket c) trousers d) jeans. 10. How much … this sweater cost ? a) does b) is c) do d) are.
11.What is it made of ? a) it is made of cotton b) it is a silk. c) I have cotton d) it is delicious. 12.Where is it made ? a) it is made in Uzbekistan b) it is made of cotton c) it is in interesting
d) it is very beautiful.
13. How many parts is Uzbekistan divided into?
a) lived b) 13 regions c) 4 parts d) 2 parts.
14. He… in Namangan two years ago.?
a) lived b) lives c) live d) like.
15.Termes is in … centre of Surkhandaryo region.?
a) the b) an c) a d) in.
16. I like hockey?
a) So do I b) Neither do I c) I don’t either d) So does my sister.
17. What is the capital of England ?
a) London b) New York c) Washington d) Paris
18. I… never been to Italy?
a) have b) has c) did d) don’t
19. I want …. South Africa I want … there by car?
a) to visit / to go b) to read / to write c) to see / to speak d) to cent.
20. Marco polo was born in…?
a) Venice b) China c) London d) Asia.
21. Put the verb Australia … in to territories?
a) is divided b) are divided c) divide d) divides
22.Translate ,,Adverting” Uzbek?
a) reclama b) bozor c) xat d) dori
23.My favorite hobby is ….?
a) collecting b) sleep d) eat c) drik
24.Watching TV…
a) Is it good b) funny c) greet d) interesting
25. Breat Britain is divided in to… a)three parts b) four ponts c) one ports d) five ports
7-sinf ingliz tili 4-chorak
1. The National Marine Aquarium one of Britains most popular places, is located near…
a) plymauth b) Argentina c) Shark Theatre d) America
2. What do you see in the Shark Theatre ?
a) ten real live b) dinosors c) Marine Aqurium d) fish
3. Florida is called the…
a) sun shine state b) Tratolgal Square c) Startford d) drees
4. What is montona famous for?
a) cowboys b) sheep c) mountain d) rever
5. What is Michigan famaus for?
a) Great lakes b) city and village c) Sheep and cows d) trees
6. …. Is famous for his jorney across Asia
a) Marco Polo is b) Abraham Lincolin c) Alexander d) Robert
7. Who is queen in Great Britain
a) Elizabeth 2 b) Victoria 1 c) Anna d) Luiza
8. Samarkand is famous for its….
a) beautiful frowers b) historical buildings c) societies d) poet
9.Write question? Dilbar likes films…
a) Does she b)doesn’t she c)Isn’t she d)Wash she.
10.Have you ever been to Tashkent?
a)Yes I can b)Yes, I have been c) No I don’t d)Yes ,she had
11.Translate in to English ‘’badiy film’’ a) a feature film b) caton c)soap opera d) a chat show 12.Do you watch TV ? a)Yes I do b)no, he does c)no I haven’t d) yes i can 13.What will you do ? a) will play chess b) play chess c) I am playing chess d) yes will. 14.What is the state currency of the USA ? a)dollor b) pound sterling c) soum d) tange. 15. I have got a …. In my back a)pain b)ache c) for d) broken. 16. What animal can you find on the flag of Wales ? a)dragon b) cat c) a crocodile d) horse. 17. An apple a day keeps the doctor….? a) away b) on c) at d) with 18. You wear a school uniform….? a) do you b) don’t you c) are you d) aren’t you. 19.Michall you don’t wear a uniform in your school do you ? a)No we don’t b) Yes we do c) Yes I can d) Yes we . 20. Abraham Lincoln began his political activity in … ? a) Illinois b) Montana c) Alaska d) Hollywood. 21. What is Indians fomous for? a) rodeo b) cowboys c) films d) museum. 22.The… Road. a) silk b) cotton c) silver d) gold. 23.Motto in Uzbek language? a) maqol b) ko’rgazma c) shior d) embelema. 24. You should go … the cinema a) to b) in c) do d) for. 25.Complete the sentences ,,M y trousers… old. a) are b) is c) was d) in

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