Ingliz tili fani o’qituvchisi Qodirova Gulshan Bahodir qizining 9-sinflar uchun III-IV choraklar uchun tuzgan testlari.

9-sinf Ingliz tili III chorak
1.The USA is … republic.
a) democratic b) federal c) national d) democratic, federal
2.The USA is divided into three branches. What are they?
a) the legislative, the executive, the judicial
b) the federal, the legislative, the judicial
c) the democratic, the judicial
d) the judicial, the legislative
3)The Senate has … members. Each state elects two members.
a) 100 b) 200 c) 150 d) 95
4) The state currency of Uzbekistan is … .
a) soum b) pound sterling c) dollar d) evro
5. When was adopted the Constitution of Uzbekistan?
a) on December 8, 1992 b) on December 10, 1992
c) on December 8, 1991 d) on December 18, 1992
6. How many deputies are there in the legislative chamber of the Oliy Majlis?
a) one hundred and twenty deputies
b) one hundred and twenty five deputies
c) one hundred and twelve deputies
d) one hundred and twenty four deputies
7. What is the legislative branch of Uzbekistan? What chambers does consist of ?
a) Oliy Majlis, two chambers b) Senate,two chambers c) Oliy Majlis, three chambers d) Senate, three chambers
8. What are the official names of the USA?
a) United States of America b) United State c) United Kingdom d) United Stated of Great Britain
9. Who heads the executive branch of USA?
a) the President and the Vice President
b) the Senate
c) the House of President
d) the Federal District Court
10. How many courts does the judicial branch consist of ?
a) The Supreme Court; the Federal District Court
b) the President and the Vice President
c) the Senate and the Vice President
d) the Senate; the Supreme Court;
11. When was adopted the Constitution of USA?
a) 1788 b) 1877 c) 1972 1887
12. The US president is elected for … years.
a) four b) five c) three d) seven
13. How many rooms and clocks are there in Buckingham Palace?
a) 600 rooms on three floors and 300 clocks
b) 400 rooms on three floors and 300 clocks
c) 600 rooms on three floors and 200 clocks
d) 500 rooms on three floors and 300 clocks
14.What is the name of the British National Anthem?
a) God save the Queen b) God save our King
c) Long live our King d) Long live our Queen
15. How many elements are there in Parlament of the UK?
a) three elements – the Monarchy, the House of Lords, the Houseof Commons
b) two elements – the House of Lords, the House of Commons
c) four elements – the Monarchy, the Senate, the House of Lords, the Houseof Commons
d) two elements – the Monarchy, the House of Lords,
16. What is the capital of the USA?
a) Washington b) London c) Canada d) New York
17. Population of Washington is more than … million.
a) 3.4 million b) 4.4 million
c) 4.3 million d) 4.9 million
18. What is the name of the government of the USA?
a) the Capitol in Washington b) Senate c) the Capital in Washington d) the Capital in London
19.The Aral Sea is divided between … .
a) Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan b) Kazakhstan and Tadjikistan c) Kazakhstan d) Uzbekistan
20. Which flag has a blue background. In the middle three is a bright yellow sun.
a) the flag of Kazakhstan
b) the flag of USA
c) the flag of Canada
d) the flag of UK
21. … is in the South of Uzbekistan.
a) Tezmez b) Navoi c) Kharshi d) Tashkent
22. The legislative branch of the British government is made up of two houses –
a) the Lords and The Common
b) the Supreme c) the Common d) the legislative
23. If we … had more money, we would … done even more.
a) had / have b) have/had c) has/had d) had/had
24. If I … late, things would have been Ok.
a) hadn`t woken up b) had woken up
c) have woken up d) haven`t woken up
25. If we … controlled advertising, nobody would have don it.
a) hadn`t b) haven`t c) hasn`t d) have

9 sinf Ingliz tili 4-chorak
1.When did Uzbekistan become a member of UNISCO?
a) on October 29, 1993
b) on March 29, 1993
c) on March 2, 1992
d) on March 2, 1991
2. How many nations are members of UNISCO?
a) 160 b) 155 c) 134 d) 148
3. What organization was established in Uzbekistan on May 28, 1992?
a) Red Crescent b) Red Cross c) Un d) UNISCO
4. Who is the president of Coca Cola?
a) William Cosey b) Bell c) Anna Kim d) Jon Swift
5. Which language is the mother tongue of the most people in the world?
a) English b) Spain c) Russian d) French
6. Who is the inventor of the telephone?
a) Alexander Bell b) Boston
c) William Cosey d) Jon Swift
7. What does `UN` stand for?
a) United Nations b) United Kingdom
c) United States d) Nations United
8. How many political parties are there in Uzbekistan?
a) 4 b) 5 c) 6 d) 7
9. What party has the highest percentage of vote?
a) Labour b) Conservative
c) Liberal Democrats d) Others
10. We … had our clothes washed.
a) have b) had c) has d) to have
11. I`ve had our room (paint).
a) painted b) paint c) paints d) to paint
12. When Uzbekistan became a member of the UN?
a) on March 2, 1992 b) on March 29, 1993 c) on March 2, 1991 d) on March 2, 1993
13. Uzbekistan is … largest gold producer.
a) the seventh b) fourth c) sixth d) fifth
14. Uzbekistan has a modern energy sector with … hydro-electric power stations.
a) 19 b) 17 c) 18 d) 20
15. What products does Uzbekistan export?
a) nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers
b) gold c) cotton d) nitrogen and gold
16. What region textile plants have won international prizes such as the `Golden Globe` prize and `The Golden Star` prize.
a) Tashkent and Andijan b) Termez and Andijan
c) Tashkent and Navoi c) Bukhara and Tashkent
17. Liverpool is the centre of … .
a) aerospace engineering b) aircraft
c) the manifacture of cotton d) shipbuilding
18. What is the important city of fishing port?
a) Grimsby b) Manchester c) Glasgow d) Liverpool
19. Raw hide is the main resource potential in … .
a) Samarkhand, Fergana, Bukhara, Tashkent, Namangan
b) Bukhara, Navoi, Djizzakh
c) Kharshi, Samarkhand, Fergana
d) Tashkent, Kokand, Kitab, Baysun
20. Jon`s car is running badly. (check)
a) He should have it checked b) He have it check c) He had had it check d) He should it checked
21. What is the area of the UK?
a) 244,880 sq km b) 988,880 sq km c) 880,244 sq km d) 247,890 sq km
22. How many population are there in the USA?
a) 317,500,000 b) 413,500,000 c) 231,500,000 d) 387,500,000
23. What is the capital of the UK?
a) London b) Washington c) Canada d) New-York
24. When was held in honour of Amir Temur in Paris?
a) 1996 b) 1999 c) 1995 d) 1993
25. Scotland has its own education system, … is diffirent.
a) which b) what c)who d) ,

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